love was written in the stars On My Sister’s Wedding Day

Love was in the air the day my sister got married. Quite literally.

On April 16, 2022 the moon was at it’s full culmination in the sign of Libra. Full moons are a time of celebration and Libra is the sign of relationships. A perfect time to get married. Recently, I asked for my new brother-in-law’s birth time and dissected his birth chart, as well as my sister’s. I was not surprised to see they both have strong libra placements in their chart. Specifically, Chris is a Libra moon and both Tara and Chris have their Venus in Libra.

Swonger Legacy

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and romance. While Venus rules Libra, it is exalted in Pisces. Exalted means it’s energy is the most powerful in this sign. Guess what sign Venus was in the day they got married? You guessed it, Pisces.

While Tara and Chris are both Sagittarians, they are also the middle siblings of same sex trios. Myself and John, Chris’s older brother, are both Libras. As well as, Erin and Dakota, the younger siblings, are both Pisces. We represented the moon and Venus that weekend. Both powerful and loving energies.

Bride with sisters rehearsal dinner
Bride with sisters getting ready
Groomsmen brothers after party

There are two extra bonuses through Mallory and Hobbs, siblings through life, as Mallory is also a Pisces and Hobbs is another Libra.

Groom with bridal party after party

The stars above us literally shone through us on this magical day. We are all connected and made up of these stars. As above, so below.

Legacy Lane wedding block

The polar opposite sign of Libra is Aries. This was the sign the Sun was in, as we were closing out Aries season with the Libra Full Moon. These are the signs of Gina and CJ who have also been in our lives since birth and are also practically our siblings, as much as they are each other’s.

Tringalis Wedding

It was wonderful playing together that weekend, as if we were still children, exploring new properties and finally living in a clubhouse. All at once, we went back in time and lived in the future, which was now, our present. A dream we had as children had finally manifested into our reality. We high-fived in celebration.

Clubhouse Legacy
Tree swing Legacy

Furthermore, two of the seven siblings my mother has that joined the ceremony are also, an Aries and a Libra. My mother is a Capricorn. Together, they stand as three cardinals. (Cardinal signs are Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer).

Walsh Cardinals

As Libra is also the sign of Balance, balancing out Aries energy, Pisces polar opposite is matched with Virgo. This is the sign of two bridesmaids, Suzy and Olivia, as well as both Hobb’s and John’s girlfriends.

Bride with bridal party rehearsal dinner
Bridesmaids Legacy

I wish I could fully describe to you the expansion of interacting with all of these energies as my knowledge of astrology increases, as well as my intuition heightens. It really is a beautiful thing to know there are planets and galaxies above you that are reflected back to you through the eyes of loved ones and new friends.

One more thing I have to note is Uranus, the planet of the unexpected is in Taurus, which is Mallory’s husband sign, Bryan. In secrecy and in perfect timing, Bryan revealed a sharpie tattoo of F5 after completing a keg stand. F5 is the name Chris and his groomsmen referred to themselves as while growing up. They roared in shock and awe as soon as his feet hit the ground and he revealed his new sleeve. A lot of things made me laugh that weekend but I think that one took the cake. (The wedding cake). Mostly because it was so unexpected. And yes, I guess because a Taurus was the one that did it.

F5 Legacy

With all that being said, I would like to announce that I am planning on taking an astrology course to expand my knowledge and further develop my practice. The deposit is $600 so please know that any donation helps! As Tara and Chris begin their new legacy, I’d like to start mine. I’m accepting donations via Venmo @megbfly. Or you can buy me a coffee! Thanks soul much!

Legacy Lane Weddings

And if you were at the wedding and didn’t get mentioned, feel free to give yourself a shoutout in the comments! I love you all! We are all stars!

Legacy Lane Weddings

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