Now exploring – Columbus, GA

Same name, different state, same discoverer. That’s right, Christopher Columbus founded this town. In 1492 to be exact. Who knew? Oh, you. Well, let me show you, in case you’ve never been.

Columbus Quincentennial Riverwalk Opening

The riverwalk that this sign speaks of is stunning. My favorite part was across the bridge near the rocky rapids. It is the perfect space to meditate, reflect, and stare out into our glorious world. Here I am reminded of the abundant waters of Mama Gaia (Mother Earth).

Sitting on the Columbus Riverwalk Rocks
Chattahoochee River Rapids

Unprepared but determined to immerse myself in her beauty, I later submerged myself in her cleansing waters, on the opposite side of the strong current. I was pleasantly surprised to find how warm the water was. It was perfect to swim and float in, while other kayaks and floaters passed by.

Swimming in the Chattahoochee River
Floating in the Chattahoochee River
The Little Mermaid Ariel

You may notice I have on a purple top, green bottoms, and an opal bracelet that looks like seashells. Yes, this was done intentionally.

Geoorgian Architecture

The town is stunning and full of stories from our history. It is cute and quaint, but also maintains a current and hip energy of today. You can feel the past is present, but not stuck.

Beauty and the Beast
A window with a view

Below, my sister and I pause to pose with some memories left behind. She lives there now and it was a joy to visit her in her new hometown.

Steamboat Willie

There were lots of beautiful bricks to admire, but these were my favorite. Belonging to the loft apartment building my sister now resides in. Don’t you just love the pink and whites against the green? It’s giving me heart chakra vibes.

Heart Chakra

Nonic Bar had great food and cocktails and reminded me of my favorite form of emotional intelligence, curiosity.

Stay Curious

The iron bank has been converted into a coffee shop. I opted for a London fog, but the food menu also looked delicious! I really admired their creativity on their chalk board every day. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give them an eleven.

Iron Bank Coffee Stranger Things Eleven

Thanks you Columbus, for the memories and the magic! You were wonderful and will be missed!


MegBFly 🐰🦋

MegBFly Mural Wall

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