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I wanted to update everyone on my ancestor altar, since my last blog about it. Almost as soon as I posted it, I really sat with the idea of how cluttered my ancestor altar felt. If you missed the post, you can go back and read it here. It was on my desk, combined with my vision board. However, over time, I strictly wanted my desk to be a place of work. My work is sacred to me. And as an artist, if there is clutter, it distracts me from pouring all of my energy into it. So, over the last few months I had to really declutter and get clear on what I wanted in my tiny apt. overall, and where I wanted it. Here is an update below.

ancestor altar - make an altar

I spend a lot of time on my yoga mat. Besides stretching and meditating, I read a lot. My new favorite past time has been opening books to random pages. This is another act of divination. By doing so, you can feel connected to Source, God, the Divine, your ancestors and angels, all things good. This helps me see what extra messages they have for me, without even knowing it was exactly what I needed to see and hear. I perform this with my own journals, as well. This connects me to my higher self, ironically a self of the past, speaking on something of my future, which is currently my present. (Another riddle for you fellow Fools). And here, on my yoga mat, is where I also pull cards and connect with my guides, including my ancestors. It is a place of prayer. It feels so comforting to sit here and look them in the eye, rather than feeling like a prisoner to my desk and chair.

tarot and oracle card spreads

In addition to creating an ancestor altar, I find it necessary to have a self-love altar. Especially for women. We are often so consumed and programmed with giving and caring for others, that we forget to look ourselves in the mirror and do what’s necessary to make ourselves feel good. Besides make-up, moisturizers, tweezers, lotions, and hairbrushes, simply speaking affirmations to yourself can breathe power back into your well-being. Men can do the same. Even after a clean shave, brushing your teeth, or whatever else you interesting creatures do. If you’d like to learn more about a self love altar, you can also revisit that post here.

self-love altar oracle guidance

As you can see, there can be multiple altars in your home, your very own sacred space. In the future, I may discuss my vision board and its creation. For now, here is a photo of the updated versions of the altar at my desk. It reminds me what I am calling into my life and manifesting. With it’s placement at my desk, it helps me take a break from staring at my laptop, and simply breathe into the possible existence of a new life. Again, I am constantly updating and revising it. It’s good to do so every new moon or once a month!

vision board altar
vision board manifestation

Below is a current vision of my ancestor altar. As you can see, I am also always changing it and revising it. Sometimes, the energy simply feels stagnant and needs refreshing. Now that we have entered a new season, the season of Fall, I have added some romantic and fairy-tale pieces, hoping to offer these women in my life the abundance they have granted me, as well as set intentions to what I would like for myself. Here, I honor the power of the divine feminine.

ancestor altar and offerings

I hope this series inspires you to implement some of these ideas and practices into your home. If you don’t know where to begin, what to offer, or how to decorate, the simplest advice I can offer you now is to simply begin. You are not required to go out and spend money and buy certain things. We live in an abundant universe. When you take the time to sort through clutter and move with intention, you will be surprised at the level of abundance you already obtain.

Last, but not least, I will leave you with this. Photos of the ancestor altar at my parents home. It simply sits on the fireplace mantel with photos, a lit candle, a few inspiring words, and a cross. It is in our living room where we have most family gatherings and time together. We know they are with us in the space, and it always offers me comfort to see them, when I am no longer in my own sacred space. Recently, I picked up that feather on a walk with our dog and added it, as a token of good luck, prosperity, and recognition of them as angels close by.

fireplance mantel ancestor altar
Irish ancestors
I need a loan, mate.
Lemme know if you can donate.
I appreciate
you and your abundance.
And I really love this
time we share together.
Though, I do not know whether
or not where you are,
what I do know is that we are connected through the stars.
I send you love from afar.
And many thanks
for whatever you may donate.

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